17 ways technology will change our lives by 2050

1. We could start seeing delivery drones finally start making deliveries in the next two years. Regulation, rather than the technology, is more of a limiting factor for getting delivery drones off the ground. But Pearson said by 2018, drones will be used to deliver things like packages to hospitals.  But he doesn't see delivery […]

How the IoT Can Help to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines

The Internet of Things and sensor technologies can facilitate a challenging supply chain process. The year 2020 brought extraordinary challenges that forced many to overcome and find atypical solutions. As 2021 is being welcomed with open arms, there is a renewed sense of hope and optimism, knowing that governments and pharmaceutical companies are working tirelessly […]

What is SD-WAN?

Software-defined wide-area network, or SD-WAN, is a new approach to network connectivity and one that has the potential to complement the exponential growth happening in the network industry. Earlier technologies were designed to operate in a head office/branch office setup and could not be easily scaled to a cloud-centric environment. Since most large businesses today […]

These 25 Technology Trends Will Define The Next Decade

We may not be living on Mars or traveling to work using jet packs, but there's no doubt the coming decade will bring many exciting technological advances. In this article, I want to outline the 25 key technology trends that I believe will shape the 2020s. 1. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The increasing […]

The Future Of Cloud In A Post-Pandemic World222

It’s been just over a year since Covid-19 changed the world as we know it. Every country, business and person in the world has been affected. In the cloud sector, we witnessed a dramatic shift as a result of changing work patterns — including the overnight move to remote working. Cloud spend reportedly increased by 37% […]

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