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Trek Data Services Inc.

Trek Data Services Inc.

Trek Data Services Inc. is a Service Provider in the IoT area providing wade range LoraWAN network infrastructre and a MSP (Managed Service Provider) for SD-WAN and Cloud Campus services in EMENA Region. Trek Data Services Inc. is a JV of Icondor Telecommunication (Based on Argantina) and Peranova Investment Group (Based on Turkey) Trek HQ is i Turkey and established to provide digital transformation services as a Turkish company. Trek has 4 branches including HQ in İstanbul and Arjantin, Dubai and Antalya.

Our Investers

Icondor Telecommunication has been operating for 30 years at South America prividing IoT and Telecommunication services. Peranova Investing Group hes been investing more than 15 years to technology and telecommunication sectors.
Trek is always ready to creat a value for all parties including partners, customers and countries.

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