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Secucloud Global Cloud Intelligence provides a real-time glimpse of the online threat situation to actively protect all Secucloud customers. The Global Cloud Intelligence automatically analyzes all IPs, domains, hosts and files that could potentially be associated with suspicious behavior.

To identify new threats as soon as they appear and ensure immediate protection for the user’s platform Secucloud Global Cloud Intelligence inspects billions of web transactions. Together with a multitude of different intelligence feeds, Secucloud ensures that the latest security intelligence is always used.
It provides the management and protection of the data stored with smart production technology.


It provides full protection against data security breach in the automotive industry.
It secures customer information and internal financial data.


It produces reliable solutions for financial institutions with its high-level data storage system.
It keeps all processes under control in order to monitor and protect product data.

Durable Consumption

It connects the product data of the factories with the traceability method.
It ensures the efficient management of the generation, consumption and distribution of energy.


It increases the reliability and profitability of networks in the energy sector.
It has a transformative effect in terms of expanding educational opportunities and making them more efficient.


It offers secure technological solutions that increase accessibility in education with software systems.
It produces reliable technological solutions with software solutions and storage areas.


It increases the service quality by providing data security in public institutions.
It develops systems suitable for rapidly changing business demands and provides a high level of security.


It offers an efficient management style that will provide functionality and innovation in the retail industry.
It provides secure management of data storage, operation and distribution processes in healthcare institutions.


It develops infrastructure systems that increase service quality by storing hospital data.
It develops scalable software systems such as error detection, reporting and secure data transfer.


It offers advanced solutions to meet the analytical needs of the insurance industry.
By developing network infrastructures, it ensures safe storage and management of data.


It develops infrastructure, platform and software services in the field of telecommunications.
It provides security, analysis and synchronization of critical data in enterprises.


It provides infrastructure services suitable for the marketing, e-commerce and informatics needs of the tourism sector.

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