Secure, global SD-WAN as a service

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Simplifies the management and operation of a Wide-Area-Network

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Higher-performance WANs using lower-cost internet access

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Replace expensive private WAN connection technologies such as MPLS


Huawei SD-WAN Solution is purpose-built to provide full-scenario on-demand interconnections between branches, between branches and data centers, and between branches and clouds. Standing out with features such as application-based intelligent traffic steering and acceleration as well as intelligent O&M, this solution redefines full-process service experience in enterprise WAN interconnections.

Trends and Challenges Facing Enterprise Networks

With the continuous cloudification of enterprise IT architectures and widespread use of public clouds, increasingly more enterprises are starting to shift their infrastructures (such as enterprise data centers) to the cloud, abandon traditional closed IT architectures, and instead use open network architectures. To further this, enterprises’ mission-critical applications are migrated onto the cloud, such as the office, production ERP system, and sales system. Under this situation, enterprises increasingly rely on the Software as a Service (SaaS) provided by application service providers, and prefer to access key applications required for daily office work from the cloud through the Internet.

SD-WAN Solution

SD-WAN Solution addresses the issues facing enterprise networks, including closed WAN architectures, difficult service experience guarantee, slow service rollout, and difficult O&M. This solution provides full-scenario on-demand interconnections between branches, between branches and data centers, and between branches and clouds. With compelling features such as application-based intelligent traffic steering and acceleration as well as intelligent O&M, the SD-WAN Solution redefines fullprocess service experience in enterprise WAN interconnections.

Architecture of SD-WAN Solution

The overall architecture SD-WAN Solution comprises the network connection layer, control layer, and management layer.

Network connection layer
Enterprises deploy cost-effective routers and use overlay technology to build full network interconnections between the headquarters, branches, and public or private clouds on demand through links such as Internet links and traditional private lines.

Control layer
Routers (RRs) c policy provisioning, route transfer between sites in each area, and inter-area network interconnection.

Management layer
Central Maanagement System implements full-process management on enterprise interconnection services. In the southbound direction, configuration and orchestration of different virtual private network (VPN) topologies, as well as management and provisioning of network service policies.

Characteristics of SD-WAN Solution

5G ultra-broadband for on-demand interconnection
The full lineup of routers supports 5G uplinks. As the first-of-its-kind enterprise-class 5G uplink access routers, routers support full modes (5G, 4G, and 3G) using a single chipset and allow for both the standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) network architectures.

Intelligent traffic steering for outstanding experience
Application-based intelligent traffic steering, guaranteeing service experience: Huawei SD-WAN Solution supports abundant application identification technologies.

Integrated management and control, and intelligent O&M
Simplified deployment: Various zero touch provisioning (ZTP) methods are provided to implement device plug-and-play with zero site visits.

Application Scenarios ofSD-WAN Solution

The enterprise headquarters and branches can use dual CPEs as gateways and access the network through both MPLS and Internet links, meeting the high quality requirements for private lines. Sites where wired links are unavailable can also use LTE links to access the network. CPEs at the headquarters or large branch sites can function as RRs. Independent devices can also be deployed as RRs.

Hierarchical QoS policies and bandwidth- or application-based intelligent traffic steering are configured to ensure experience of mission-critical services, implement load balancing, and improve bandwidth utilization.

This solution provides ZTP, automatic service orchestration and delivery, multi-dimensional visualized management for links and services, and various fault diagnosis and inspection tools to simplify network deployment and O&M of a large number of branches.

Carrier SD-WAN Multi-Tenant Scenario

Carriers need to provide network deployment and O&M services for enterprises of different scales in various industries, helping enterprises quickly complete network deployment and service rollout. In addition, carriers transform from network pipe providers to service providers to provide network and value-added services for enterprises.

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